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Every three weeks, join librarian hosts Thad Hartman, Lissa Staley, and Miranda Ericsson with special guests from the library and community. In each interview, the guest makes recommendations for one square from the “Reading Bingo”  card. Listeners are encouraged to read along throughout 2017 and mark their own Reading Bingo cards. Use the podcasts, show notes, book displays in the library and book lists in the library catalog to discover what other people are reading and recommending.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for future topics please comment on our blog post or send us an email at

May 2, 2018

Chris Blocker returns to the podcast to share his wealth of literary knowledge.  This Reading Around the World episode focuses on Europe, and Chris has a wide range of authors and titles that cover the entire continent.

Every three weeks in 2018, join librarian hosts Thad Hartman, Lissa Staley, and Miranda...

Apr 9, 2018

For the latest in our "Reading Around the World" series we were thrilled to have Liz Rodriguez and Irene Caballero with us to talk about Mexico.  In this episode they discuss books by authors from Mexico as well as other Spanish language authors from all around the world. 

Every three weeks in 2018, join librarian...

Mar 28, 2018

McCarter Elementary School students Kivrin, Nicholas, Rachel, and Travis join us to discuss one of our recent 2Book Topeka selections, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library.

Feb 8, 2018

Michelle, Meg, and Sara join us to talk about one of our current 2Book Topeka selections, Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline.  

Every three weeks in 2018, join librarian hosts Thad Hartman, Lissa Staley, and Miranda Ericsson with special guests from the library and community. Listeners are encourage to read along...

Jan 19, 2018

Our new season of Hush is dedicated to our Reading Around the World challenge.  In our first episode of this new series we start with the Midwest United States. We are starting close to home with this new reading challenge and bringing in a favorite guest, Professor Thomas Fox Averill, to share his Midwest favorites...